Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nintendo Ending Wii U Production Later This Year

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Nintendo Ending Wii U Production Later This Year, Says Report
Nintendo will end production on its Wii U console sometime in 2016. The console, which has sold poorly compared to its wildly successful predecessor, debuted in 2012. According to Nikkei's report, Nintendo has already stopped manufacturing certain Wii U accessories.


Mobilephobia: Curing the CISO's Most Common Mobile Security Fears
We operate in a mobile economy, with an estimated 16M mobile devices infected by malware at any given time. There are more mobile devices connected to the Internet than human beings in the world. The question is: Are we prepared for that?
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Internet of Things Security Study: Home Security Systems Report
Home security and remote monitoring systems are one of the immediate applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). They can alert you to fires and intrusions, provide a reassuring view inside your home, and let you control your home systems remotely. But could they - and other IoT applications - open your home to hackers?
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