Sunday, 10 April 2016

Reasons For Iaso Tea Price

By Peter Morris

Different products have different prices. When coming up with the cost of a commodity you tend to consider a lot of things. Some of this parameters tend to change from time to time. This lead to the constant change of Iaso tea price over the years.

Many companies have different production cost when producing their goods. This is the key think business men base on when deciding how to retail their products. Production cost include the cost of raw materials used in the entire process of production. The personnel employed in the industry also counts a lot.

Demand for goods defer from one season to another. Merchants have a way of maximizing sells in different seasons of the year. When the demand of a product is high the company tend to drive down the production cost thus the profit margin will be high. When the demand is low the company will lower the value of goods so has to encourage more clients to try out their products.

Transport has been something very expensive to many business men. This mainly affect those people who transport highly perishable products. They need to use very fast means of transport which tend to be expensive than the rest of transportation channels. The transportation of iaso tea has been able to affect its cost in a major way.

The way the other competitors have priced their commodities is also key to every company. When other tea companies have over priced their tea the other party will take advantage of that by doing so but slightly lower than the others. This is a strategy of attracting more people to try out their products.

Government regulation is key thing when calculating the face value of any commodity. This is mainly because if business men incur some cost in the process of paying different tariffs put in place by a government they will pass this cost to the consumers of the goods by increasing the cost of the commodity. In some cases other countries have special days with no tax mainly known has tax holidays. In search days merchants are able to import goods in a more friendly cost thus the low cost trickle down to the consumers by enjoying the commodity in a cheaper retail than the usual market value.

Different products are meant for different market groups. In cases where the group has bigger purchasing power the merchant will try their best to increase the profit margin because this group is always willing to spend extra cash when purchasing anything. In cases where the product is designed for people with low purchasing power the revenue is maximized by increasing the number of units being sold.

Economics of scale also counts a lot when it comes to this. Multinational cooperation tend to enjoy economics of scale than the average firms. This drives down the production cost of a single unit of good thus enabling the big firms to enjoy bigger profit margin than the rest. This has enabled many consumers to enjoy their favorite products in with a cheaper price.

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