Thursday, 28 April 2016

Slashdot Asks: Does It Matter That We've Reached Peak Smartphone?

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Slashdot Asks: Does It Matter That We've Reached Peak Smartphone?
At this moment, it does seem that over the coming months, our smartphones are unlikely to get a major hardware boost. The biggest milestone we have on the horizon is what happens when everyone has these smartphones, and how does it impact our businesses, culture, and social lives. What's your take on this?


Unlock Storage Performance for Analytics
IBM FlashSystem helps eliminate data access wait times and accelerate analytics applications for cost savings and faster decision making. It enables organizations to support analytics workloads with compelling data economics, enterprise resiliency and easy infrastructure integration.
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Single Sign-On in a BYOD World
Businesses today are being challenged by the proliferation of handheld devices and new corporate policies for BYOD. Users want to be able to access their productivity applications from anywhere, from any device - a laptop, smartphone or tablet - and use only one username and password to access it all...
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